Many of my students enjoy a website call Friv. This is a gaming website. There are over 250 games on this website.  They market themselves as “Only the Very Best Free Online Games.” It is a very basic site with just the games on it. There is no about page that example the site. It just the games with no real explanation of what the game is about. You have to click on the game to find out what the game is for. One of the favorites among my students is a two person game called “Fire Boy and Ice Girl.” Players have to work together to get their characters to the end of the level. It involves a lot of cooperation. Some of the games involve physics. There are a number that require logic to solve them. It does tap into math skills.

I wish the site has some information about what each game is and what it is about.  Where do these games come from? I do not think any of these games contain violence or gore but I would have to look at each game individually to find out what it is about. I think that this site is fun and safe site but it is not anything more then that. It might be nice as a reward to allow students to use this site.

Here is the link:


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