Here Lies Linc

Author: Delia Ray
Reading Range: 5.2 (AR Finder)
Interest Range: MG 4-8 (AR Finder)
Plot: Linc is starting his first year of real school. He has been homeschooled before this time with other children of professors. His mother, Lottie, is a professor who researches the history of burial customs. She and Linc travel around the country looking at different grave sites. His father passed away when he was younger of a heart attack. They live close to a graveyard so that Lottie can do her research. His history class is given an assignment where they have to document the history of a gravestone. He chosen the local “cursed” angel to write his report on. While researching his report, he becomes friends with a girl named Delaney. She is researching a grave with the last name of Raintree which is the middle name of Linc’s father. They started researching Raintree together and discover this person had a tie to Link’s dead father.
Review: At first glance this book seems to be another story about a boy trying to fit in but it is really about dealing with grief. Lottie studies gravestones but she cannot stand having anything of her husband around. Linc’s father died unexpected leaving a big hole in both Linc and Lottie. Even Delaney is processing grief. Her mother had a baby that was stillborn. Her mother is pregnant again and she marks the days down until that baby is born. She worries this baby will not make it either. It is also about how people find ways to maintain the link with their dead family members. Delaney finds comfort in walking through the baby part of the graveyard and seeing how people still put flowers and toys for their children. Linc finds comfort in discovering an unknown tie to his father. I would recommend this book. Even through it is about grief, it is still humorous.
Additional Info:
The grave that Linc did his report on is based on a real person and real grave. The author researched the history of the angel and the woman who had it built.
Main Characters:
Linc-He is the main character. He is starting his first year of school which happens to be middle school. He was homeschooled before this time.
Lottie-She is Linc’s mother. She is professor of history who specializes in burial customs.
Lincoln-He is Linc’s dad. He is dead during this story but Linc thinks about him often. He is still important to Linc.
Jeeter-He is the graveyard keeper. He is also Linc’s friend and his father’s friend. He helps Linc when he can.
Delaney-She is a new girl at school. She and Linc become friends.

Theme:  Circle of life, Dangers of ignorance, Death,  Lost love

Bibliographic Info:

Ray, D. (2011). Here lies linc. New York, NY: Alfred A. Knofp.



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