Bone-Out from Boneville

Author: Jeff Smith
Reading Range: 2.4 (AR Finder)
Interest Range: 4-8 (AR Finder)
Plot:  The book is about the adventures of the Bone cousins. Fone Bone is the good cousin while Phoney Bone is the scheming cousin.  Their funny, friendly cousin is Smiley Bone.  The story begins in Boneville when the Bone cousins get run out-of-town because of their good for nothing  cousin was cheating the town.  The Bones are running away for lives when they get separated and lost in uncharted territory.  The story revolves around all the characters the Bones meet, especially Fone Bone. Fone meets the evil rats who want to eat him up but keeps being saved by a mysterious dragon and a small bug. The bug sends Fone to see Thorn and her grandmother. Fone falls in love with Thorn, who is human. After finding Thorn, Fone locates his evil cousin, who continues being up to no good and getting him in trouble.
Review:   This is a hilarious book and a favorite among my students. It is hard to keep it on the shelves because so many of my students want to read it. Even my reluctant readers enjoy the series and it helps it has a low reading level. The graphics are excellent. The plot goes from serious to funny very quickly. Smith has a skill of balancing humor and drama. It is appropriate for different ages. After I read the first book, I devoured the rest of the series in one day because the story is quite addictive. I would recommend this for people who like graphic novels but also those who like fantasy and adventure.
Additional Info:
This is book 1 of the Bone series. There are nine books in the series. The series won a number of Eisner Awards which are given to outstanding graphic novel series.
Main Characters:
Fone Bone-Fone Bone is the hero of the story. He is the smartest of his three cousins. He favorite book is Moby Dick. He turns to stop Phoney Bone’s schemes as often as he can before he gets them into trouble.
Phoney Bone-Phoney Bone is interesting in doing whatever he can to get rich. He gets his cousin and himself throw out of their hometown due to one of his schemes. Although he can be selfish, he is also protective of his cousins.
Smiley Bone-He is the friendly of the Bones. He tries to help those he can. He often gets sucked into Phoney Bone’s schemes.
Thorn-Thorn lives on a farm with Grand’ma Ben. Fone Bone develops a crush on her. She is brave and resourceful.
Grand’ma Ben-Grand’ma Ben is raising Thorn after her parents died. She is tough and is very good at cow racing.
The Great Red Dragon-He often comes in the nick of time to save Fone Bone. He is incredible old.

Theme:  Fate and free will, Greed as downfall, Good vensus Evil, Heroism

Bibliographic Info: 

Smith, Jeff (2005).  Bone Out of Boneville. New York, NY: Scholastic Incorporated.



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