The Hunger Game-Book 1

Author: Suzanne Collins
Reading Range: 5.3 (AR Book Finder)
Interest Range: Grade 7 and Up (School Library Journal)
Plot: Every year in the country of Panem the Hunger Games are held. A boy and a girl are chosen from the Twelve Districts to take part. They are taken the Capitol and they are forced to fight to the death until one is left alive. This year, Katniss Evergreen’s sister Prim is chosen to fight in the Hunger Games for District 12. Katniss volunteers to go in her place to save her life to fight in the Hunger Games. Peeta Mellark is the other tribute chosen to go for their district. As they prepare for their fight in the Hunger Games, they are guided by Haymitch Abernathy. Haymitch the last person in their district to win the Hunger Games. He provides them with advice on how to survive the Hunger Games but also the most important thing-winning fans in the Capitol. It is not only a fight to the death but it is also entertainment for the bored citizens of the Capitol. Katniss not only has to fight to survive but provide a good, entertaining story while doing so.
Review: Many people would have an issue with the violence that is used in this book. This is a book about children who are killing other children. This is done of the entertainment of the Capitol and to punish the 12 Districts. The thing is that the other characters in the book find the violence just as disgusting. Katniss hates killing as does Peeta. They are forced by the society they live in to do this. If people are disgusted by this book, they should be. The point is to find the Hunger Games disgusting and see that it is a tool used to keep the populations of the 12 Districts in their control. This is also a crit of reality television and all of the machination that go on behind the scenes. The tributes are not only fighting each other but they have to fight for ratings. They have to entertain the Capitol otherwise they will be killed off by the game masters.
Additional Info: This is the first book in the Hunger Game series. There have been a number of challenges and bans to keep this book out of different libraries because it is a story about children killing children for entertainment.
Main Characters:
Katniss Everdeen-She is the female tribute from District 12. She cares for her mother and sister. She hunts and sells illegal meat. She volunteered in place of her sister so she did not have to compete.
Peeta Mellark-He is the male tribute from District 12. He works at the bakery. He has been secretly in love with Katniss for years.
Gale Hawthorne-Katniss’ hunting partner. He helps her family.
Haymitch Abernathy-He is the last victor of District 12. He is a drunk. He helps Katniss and Peeta as best he can to win the Hunger Games and get sponsors.
Primrose Everdeen-She is Katniss’ sister. She and their mother are healers.
Rue-She is the female tribute of District 11. Katniss and her fight together for a time in the Hunger Games. She reminds Katniss of her sister.
Cato-He is a career tribute of District 2. He is one of the strongest tributes and considered the person to beat.
Foxface-She is the tribute of District 5. She is one of the most clever tributes.
Thresh-He is the male tribute of District 11.
Cinna-He is Katness’ stylist. He provides emotional support for Katniss.
Effie Trinket-She is chaperone provided by the Capitol for Katniss and Peeta. She draws the tributes and helps take care of them while they are in the Capitol.

Theme: Man against society, Overcoming hardship, Sacrifice

Bibliographic Info:

Collins, S. (2007). The hunger games. New York: Scholastic.



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