Author: Chris Wooding

Graphic Artist: Cassandra Diaz

Reading Range: 3rd grade (AR Finder)

Interest Range:  3rd-6th (Follect Library Resources)

Plot:  Seifer Tombchewer longs for something more in his life.  That is until he is hit over the head and kidnapped by the queen of his country.  He is a dead ringer for the queen’s missing grandson, Prince Talon Pandemonium.  He is forced to pretend to be the prince otherwise he will be feed to Psycho Carnage Beasts.  Seifer has to fool everyone who knew Talon and try to avoid Talon’s enemies.  Also, he has to defend the kingdom from the various enemies who are plotting its downfall.

Review:  This is just a fun, silly book.  It does not take itself too seriously.  Seifer spends most of his time trying to be Talon even through Talon was not a very nice guy.  In fact, Seifer is almost too nice to people nearly blowing his cover several times.  It does end in a cliffhanger.  Hopefully, there is a sequel that explains what happen to Talon.

Additional Info:

Main Characters:

Seifer Tombchewer-He is the hero of the story.  He pretends to be a not so very nice prince.

Lumbago-He is the prime minster of the country.  He is also the one helping Seifer to pretend to be Prince Talon.

Princess Sarcoma-Talon’s sister and heir to the throne.  She knows Seifer is not Talon.

Princess Hypoxia-Talon’s younger sister.

Themes: Coming of age, Desire to escape, Identity crisis

Bibliographic Info:

Wooding, C. (2012). Pandemonium. New York, NY: Scholastic.

Tagline:  Seifer’s life is about to become a royal pain.


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