Are You There God? Its Me, Margaret.

 Author: Judy Blume

Reading Range: 3.6 (Accelerated Reader)

Interest Range: 3-5 (AR Finder)

Plot: Margaret moves to a new town with her parents before starting her sixth grade year of school. This is about the changes she experiences as she goes through her year of school. She is making new friends. She is learning about herself and her family.

Review: Margaret captures the feelings that most young girls feel when they start to enter puberty.  There is a longing to change but there is also embarrassment about those changes.  Margaret wants to start her period and develop breasts but she is embarrassed to buy her first bra.  This book also shows the range of body shapes and mental ages that sixth graders can be at.  An example of this can be seen with Laura Danker.  Poor Laura is already in sixth grade and she looks like a full-grown woman.  Margaret’s friend, Sylvia, starts to spread rumors about Laura making out with boys. That is not true but because of what she looks likes they assume it is.  It is often assumed that because a child’s body looks like an adult that they are actually more mature than they really are.  This is a good book to give a young girl as she starts to navigate her way through puberty to help her understand some of the feelings and changes she is going through.

Additional Info:

Main Characters:

Margaret Simon –She is starting the sixth grade in a new school and town after moving from New York City.  She is becoming a teenager.

Barbara Simon– Margaret’s mother.

Herbert Simon – Margaret’s father.

Sylvia Simon – Margaret’s grandmother.  She is her father’s mother. Margaret is very close to her.

Nancy Wheeler – Margaret’s first new friend when she moves.

Laura Danker –She becomes Margaret’s friend after a few misunderstandings.  The most developed girl in their class.

Themes: Growing up, Acceptance, Religion.

Bibliographic Info:

Blume, J. (1970). Are you there, god? it’s me, margaret.. New York: Yearling.




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