I like it when this happens

I saw one of my students a few days ago.  I was talking to him about the books he was reading.  He likes reading offbeat books like “Darth Paper.”  I suggested he read this book series called Dragonbreath.  It is in a world where lizards and dragons go to school like people.  It is about a dragon boy and his friend who go on all of these weird adventures.  I thought he would like it.  I saw him the day after he went to the library.  His nose was struck in a Dragonbreath.  He told me he liked it a lot and wanted to read other books in the series.  I like it when I knew my students well enough to suggest books they might like and they actually listen to my suggestions.  That is the coolest feeling in the world.


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  1. alaskadragonfly
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 07:29:10

    Kudos to you! I completely agree! I also find it very satisfying when I recommend books kids actually like…and love it when they come back for more. Have you ever seen this literature map? It’s pretty awesome…


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