Author: George O’Connor

Reading Range:  3rd grade (according to AR Finder)

Interest Range:  8 and up (according to AR Finder)

Plot:   This graphic novel is a retelling of the classic myths that feature Hera.  It tells of her wedding to Zeus and how she dealt with Zeus’ lovers and children.  In particular, the story focuses on her “revenge” against Heracles as he tries to complete his Twelve Labors.  In this version, Hera saves Heracles in life in exchange for him to perform the Twelve labors as an adult.

Review:  This book is for children (or adults) who are interested in Greek mythology.  It has a very interesting view on Hera.  Too often, Hera is seen as a woman scorned who wants revenge against her husband’s lovers and the children that result from those unions.  In this book, Hera is not just the villain and she is seen as just as powerful as Zeus.  Zeus is afraid of her.  She is responsible for making Heracles a hero.  She is the one that is pushing him to greatness instead of punishing him.

Additional Info:  This is the third book in a series called “Olympians.”  These books can read as stand-alone or one after another.  Each book focuses on a Greek god.  There are four books so far in the series-Book 1 is Zeus, Book 2 is Athena, and Book 4 is Hades.

Main Characters:

Hera-Goddess of Marriage

Zeus-King of the Gods

Heracles-Son of Zeus and Alcmenes

Theme: Courage,  Perseverance

Bibliographic Info:

O’Connor, G. (2011). Olympians: Hera the goddess and her glory 3. New York, NY: First Second.

Tagline:  From the wrath of an Olympian comes the Twelve Labors of Heracles!


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